Get started on easily growing your own unique, loyal fan base

  • Fed up with pushing your music at people and hoping for the best? Want to know how to easily attract fans?
  • The traditional exposure model is very hard to achieve as an indie artist. But what can you do instead?
  • These days there’s so much to do yourself but there’s also so much advice out there. What’s the best thing to do to get the best results?
  • Don’t know who your fans are or where to find them?
  • Want to know how to have a career in music that focuses on creating a large loyal fan base for success over many years to come?

Follow The Fan Formula, a practical step-by-step guide to growing and keeping a large loyal fan base so you can get your music out there in a big way

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As you go through The Fan Formula you will:

Identify your unique place in the music world (sometimes referred to as your niche?)

Understand exactly who your fans are and where to find them in large numbers so you spend less time chasing people who are not interested

Find out how many fans you actually need for success so you have something concrete to aim for (it’s probably a lot less than you think)

Build authentic, long term relationships with your fans

Take inspired action to become a successful artist on your own terms

Do less and accomplish more.

The Fan Formula teaches you ‘that marketing thing’ without all the jargon. As you go through the steps you focus on what makes you unique and who your audience is.

“If you’re at artist and you haven’t read The Fan Formula yet be sure to grab a copy soon. A very beneficial read!!!”  Roberts Western World, Nashville, home of Brazilbilly

DOWNLOAD THE eBOOK NOW at iBookstore , , and Barnes & Noble

Now also available in paperback including Workbook, postage & packaging (Workbook is downloadable for free with the e-version) 

“Re-discovering my fans gives me the strength to carry on” Pam

“Makes you think about important questions right from the start” François

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get from following The Fan Formula:

In Step 1 you will become fully aligned with where you want to get to. It’s not enough to say “I want to be big” – you need understand what that actually means for you so you can take the right steps to get there.

In Step 2 you will get clear about your uniqueness and you’ll develop a ‘hook line’ to pull in fans.

Step 3 helps you to understand who your fans are. You’ll put yourself in their shoes and ‘think fan’.

Step 4 gives you practical tips to get you ready to grow your fan base.

In Step 5 you will work out where to find your fans in large numbers.

You will discover ways of building long-term, loyal relationships with your fans in Step 6.

And by the end of the final Step you will develop a simple plan to easily grow your fan base so you have more time for doing what you love – making music.

As well as the step-by-step instructions there are worksheets and a checklist to help you keep track of your progress.

“I realised my new website didn’t reflect my new ‘home made’ material” Mark

“I’ve seen an audience for what I do which I would not have seen before” Randy

The Fan Formula is not one-size-fits-all – you focus on what you want to achieve in your career as a musician whether you’re a seasoned performer, re-starting your career or just starting out. Your act is not the same as the next one so why do exactly the same as the band next door?

The Fan Formula is also used by artist managers to get everyone pointing in the same direction and focused on the fans that will help create a successful act.

DOWNLOAD THE eBOOK NOW at iBookstore , , and Barnes & Noble

Now also available in paperback including Workbook, postage & packaging (Workbook is downloadable for free with the e-version)  

Questions? Have a look at the FAQ page.

Here’s what acts following The Fan Formula say about it

Donna Fullman

Donna“I gave up my full-time job 6 years ago to concentrate on my music career. Since then I’ve used up a lot of my savings and I was coming to the crunch point when I might have to get a 9-5 job again. Then I found The Fan Formula.

The Fan Formula has been really useful in understanding the areas of the music business I have neglected – primarily looking after my fans, finding out what they want, where they are and how to retain them. Researching my online presence was very useful, streamlining my approach to social media, understanding that fan loyalty means sustaining doing what I love – have all helped a great deal.

I thought I needed 10,000 fans to be successful. It felt like a huge mountain to climb and I was running out of time (and money). Now I know I need only a quarter of that number, 2,666 to be precise. So much more achievable! And I’m getting there. I now have a simple plan for growing my fan base as well as more time for my music. I am enjoying connecting with my fans and they really appreciate it too.

I am a lot more confident now about how I can be more authentic and get more fans as a result. I feel better connected and that’s good for everyone. I am confident I can have a successful career in music.”

Ana Nguyen

Ana“I know that it has been overwhelming at first especially from where I live (Australia). It is tough with all of the bad news about the music business and musicians aren’t making as much money as they used to be but you have really inspired me to start all over again.

Your book is a god send to every one of us. Well I think that every musician in this country will need this one. You are doing a great job in helping us and believing in us.

I know that it has taken some time but I am learning as I go along. I need to find myself and I need to know that I am different from the crowd and I want to prove that I am for sure.”

The Diablos

The Diablos“Although we had been playing together for 11 years, we hadn’t had much of a plan for growing our fan base. That is until we picked up The Fan Formula.

The first thing we did, in Step 1, was take a long, hard look at the list of email addresses that represented our fans. Although initially a little disheartening to find the original list whittled down to 73, this made it much easier to take a focused look at the kind of people who really made up our fan base.

During Step 3 we realised, with a certain amount of surprise, that our fan base was mainly 30-50 year old women. We also realised that our fan base was not necessarily interested in Myspace or Facebook. In fact we realised that they might actually prefer to be kept up to date using a newsletter so we are contacting potential fans, not only through the usual routes like email and Facebook, but also via things like workplace newsletters. And we moved the band’s list to a new email provider that even has an app for an iPhone.

We knew the band could not compete in the ‘young’ market, but now we understand it’s not even necessary to try. We are more in love with our music than the idea of celebrity. It’s OK to want something other than world domination. We are now focusing on our own objectives and on what we love doing: making music.

We have always known there’s a legitimate place for us in the music world and now we are making connections with our own fan base. We are legit in our own genre. The 7 Steps in The Fan Formula are magic!”


“I had been signed to a major label and had spent the early part of my career living the crazy life of a rock star on the road. But the band ran its course and was dropped by the label. Since then I had been building up my career as a solo artist but was struggling and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things I now had to do myself – things that my manager had done for me before. The music business had changed so much I felt outdated and left behind.

One of the simple tasks from Step 1 of The Fan Formula made me realise I had a huge following from my earlier career. I was thrilled to find I had over 51,000 plays on!

My new focus was doing things in a ‘fair and right way’ but deep down I felt unconfident and unsure it would work. The Fan Formula helped me understand I could manage my career in a way that would not grate against my values. Step 6 helped me see I could connect with my fans in an authentic way, in the way that felt was right for me.

After finishing The Fan Formula I had a long list of ways to make genuine, positive and unique connections with my fans and it’s beginning to work – my full back catalogue went in one sale! And I’ve sold CDs all around the world! After years of struggling and selling very little this is an enormous boost.

I am now re-energized and I feel confident in creating an authentic connection with my newfound fan base. I now know how to manage my career in a modern world context without compromising my values.”


“Before The Fan Formula I was in a band that was going nowhere.

The Fan Formula made me take a long hard look at my career and what I wanted to achieve. I decided to go solo. I re-framed what I wanted to do and who my fans might be. I wrote a bunch of new songs and revisited some very good old ones I had not developed fully. I researched how to use social networks to market my music. This is where the Steps the The Fan Formula came into their own. OK so it took me away from recording and writing but it was necessary to understand this. I decided to pay someone to develop my website for me. Not much, but it meant I had more time to concentrate on getting the music right.

The value to me is that instead of heading into this blind, I’m heading for success. And I’m working with people who want to make a success of it rather than just turn up for fun. I am clear about my uniqueness. I now know how to build a fan base and how important it is to keep those people on my list.

And most important – I’ve got my passion back!”

Brighton-based band

“Despite being together for over 25 years we only had around 100 people on our email list and most of them were added when we set up the list six years ago. Since then we’d added only 39 names. The Fan Formula made us focus on our fan numbers. Our list size increased immediately by 100% compared with the past three years and at one gig we sold more albums than we had in several years. We also developed a new ‘hook line’ that got us a great support gig almost immediately we started using it.

There’s a new kind of belief in the band. We never looked up before. The Fan Formula has stimulated a new energy in the band and we suddenly appreciate how good we are!”


“When I picked up The Fan Formula I was starting again at ground zero with no fan base.  I had been in a band that very nearly made it. Although we said we wanted to ‘be big’ we didn’t really understand what that meant for each of us. We had jobs and families and could not risk all of that to fully commit to what the band needed at that time, so we drifted apart. A few years later I re-started my music career as a solo artist. Although I had a new direction, new songs, a new album and a new website, I felt like I was starting from scratch. Unfortunately the email list from my old band had been deleted so I had no fan base and no clear plan for getting my music out there. Even over the past few years things had changed such a lot in the music industry.

As I went through the 7 Steps of The Fan Formula, the first thing I realised was that my new website didn’t reflect my new ‘home made’ material. As soon as I sorted that out I started to get recognised as a unique act and I was interviewed by the BBC.

Step 4 really made a big difference for me. It gave me a clear set of tasks to carry out to get me fully back up and running. I set up a new MailChimp account and started to build up my fan base again. Reconnecting with my old fans has given me such a boost. Good things are happening and it’s all very exciting.”