My son wants a music career

Ellen, single mother of a teenage young man called Ben, saw The Fan Formula and bought it for her son for Christmas. I asked her what motivated her to get it for him.

“Ben has been playing guitar since he was 12. His guitar is attached to him. He plays it all the time. It goes everywhere with us – even on holiday.

Ben is self-taught. He is fiercely independent, clear about what he does and does not want but feels deflated by the music business and pessimistic about realising his dream of having a career as a musician.

To survive he works in a pub and restaurant. I feel like he is hiding and not getting out there with his music. He is a perfectionist and he tinkers a lot. He suffers from a lack of confidence and self-belief.

BenI am 100% behind him but I feel this whole situation is a risk to his creativity and I’m concerned about him. I see him turning things over and over in his head. He exists in a bubble. He feels deflated by the bigness of what he needs to do. He was working with another musician but that’s fallen apart now. He can see his energy and commitment was not matched by his partner. He now wants to meet other like-minded musicians who are as motivated as he is. He wants to make music and sell it but he is still searching for his own voice and how to get it out there.

What he really needs is a framework to work to so his problems don’t feel so huge. Ben likes how-to books so when I saw The Fan Formula has a structured, step-by-step approach I knew it would help him. He doesn’t have to invent it all himself. The book will give him short-cuts and a process to work through.”

I asked Ellen what she wants for her son.

“I want Ben to find other like-minded, passionate musicians to work with. I want to see him perform his songs. Above all I want Ben to feel happy and fulfilled as a musician. I feel certain The Fan Formula can help.”

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