Build your fan base then record your album

Here is an interesting recent article from Fox News.

CJaye’s first full-length album was uploaded to iTunes on 12th July. Her fans were watching out for it and they started buying it as soon as it was up there.

CJaye has invested a lot of time on Facebook.  That’s the right thing to do for her fans. She invests in connecting with them.

CJaye neatly demonstrates the power of building a fan base before you record an album. It is much easier to sell in larger numbers, creating a buzz. And it’s also much easier to recoup your costs quickly.

It will be interesting to follow CJaye’s progress from here.

The benefits of a managed fan email list

Many of you use your own email account to get in touch with your fans. You’ll save  time and have a better quality connection with your fans by moving over to a mail management tool. Some of the other benefits of transferring over:

  • your inbox won’t be filled up with bounced emails
  • your fan list will keep itself up to date – no more having to spend time adding or finding and deleting people from your own list
  • you won’t be contacting (annoying) people who don’t want to hear from you
  • in a band you can share the responsibility for connecting with fans
  • some tools let you create an email to be sent out at a later date so you can stay in touch whilst you are away
  • many tools give you stats about how many fans opened your email so you’re not just sending stuff out into the ether with no understanding of how effective it is
  • additional marketing functionality is often included like being able to add branding to your emails.

Some responsibilities come with maintaining a list of fan email addresses but these are basically about being courteous and honest. That’s what fans like anyway so it’s a win-win situation.

What benefits are there for you in having a managed fan list?

Next week – what to look for in a mail management tool.

Is your microphone a barrier?

I caught the end of Graham Norton’s show last week and saw Liza Minnelli sing ‘I must have that man’. She did a very interesting thing at the end of her performance. She stepped around the microphone to stand in front of it and take a bow.

This reminded me of one of my private access clients who realised that the microphone stand created a barrier between her and her audience. She decided to use a radio mic. She felt liberated and got a much better reaction from her audience.

Are you stopping yourself creating a connection with your fans? Think about your act and be honest with yourself – do you hide behind your microphone?  At your next gig be aware of how you are using the microphone. If you are using it as a barrier, resolve to try something different and see how it feels. Notice what reaction you get.

Here’s Liza on the show. Have a look at the last few seconds.