Build your fan base then record your album

Here is an interesting recent article from Fox News.

CJaye’s first full-length album was uploaded to iTunes on 12th July. Her fans were watching out for it and they started buying it as soon as it was up there.

CJaye has invested a lot of time on Facebook.  That’s the right thing to do for her fans. She invests in connecting with them.

CJaye neatly demonstrates the power of building a fan base before you record an album. It is much easier to sell in larger numbers, creating a buzz. And it’s also much easier to recoup your costs quickly.

It will be interesting to follow CJaye’s progress from here.

Who is in your audience

At a gig recently a very long way from their home town, Harry, the lead singer of the Inca Babies, specifically mentioned several people in the audience, by name, including a fan who had contacted the band via Facebook earlier that day. The chap was so chuffed to be mentioned he made a point of shaking theirs hands after their set and he bought some merch.

A great example of how to connect with fans and build loyalty.

Do you know who is in your audience? Next time you do a gig what will you do to make your fans feel special? Decide now. Write it down. Commit to doing it.