Reflections and visions

It’s still the 31st December here in the UK. A time to reflect on the year that’s coming to a close and look forward to the new year. This is what I find works well for me.

I take a few minutes to write down what I have achieved, what I’ve learnt and what I am grateful for. A couple of weeks ago I met with a few musicians in a local pub and we did this together. It was amazing how long our list of achievements became. I also asked my partner because he often has a different perspective and comes up with things I find difficult to acknowledge or I’d forgotten. So my list got even longer!

So thinking back on last year, it has been a wonderful year. We fulfilled our plan to spend a long time in the States and it was even better than we had imagined. One of the highlights was recording in Studio 19 in Nashville with one of the loveliest artists I have ever met. Another was driving across the Mojave Dessert. On our return I wrote my book and launched The Fan Formula.

I am grateful to you for joining my email list this year and I feel happy knowing I’m helping you achieve the success you want in your music career, whether it’s in a big or small way.

So now I’m sitting here in my kitchen with a cup of coffee imagining what my life will be like in a year’s time. I’m thinking about what have I achieved, what’s going on around me. I’m feeling happy and grateful for the things I have accomplished. I am imaging what these achievements will enable me to do in the future. I’m not worrying about ‘how’ I will get there. I’m just visualising how things will be. I’m make my future a reality now. I’m allowing it to happen.

In the new year I challenge myself to get out there in a much bigger way …

With my very best wishes for the coming year,

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Why get your music out there in a big way?

You’re committed to making your music career a success or you wouldn’t be reading this (and I wouldn’t be writing this if I knew I couldn’t help). But all sorts of things get in the way of your success so you feel frustrated. Your frustration makes you look for answers on the internet, in books, from your peers, in magazines, from industry professionals – and that’s what lead you here.

You may be stopping yourself achieving what you want because you are not clear what success really means for you. And that’s because vague goals don’t work. (There are theories to explain why they don’t work but I won’t go into those right now.)

So why has The Fan Formula got the hook line ‘Get your music out there in a big way’? I’ve just told you an achievable goal needs to be specific so why is my hook line so vague? It’s deliberate. Let me explain.

Something you need to know about me is I strongly believe in empowerment. The journey I’ve been on, up to writing this blog today, began many years ago. In my early career I was a lecturer. I used to stand in front of my classes quoting from my lecture notes. I freely admit it was not a good learning experience. Then I did a post grad in action learning and I’ve never looked back. I put away my lecture notes and opened up the whole learning experience by posing real-world problems and working together to find solutions. It was scary but the results were amazing. The solutions we came up with were so much richer for everyone’s contribution and the level of buy-in was huge. What I learnt then set me on a new journey which today strongly influences my values and beliefs. In a nutshell – I firmly believe the answer lies within you, you just need a little help to dig deep and discover your riches.

The more ownership you have of the solution, the greater the likelihood you will succeed – by a long, long way.

So how does someone so focused, goal driven and successful come up with a hook line like ‘get your music out there in a big way’? What does ‘get your music out there’ mean? What does ‘in a big way’ mean?

Get your music out there in a big way means what you want it to mean.

I could not write a one-size-fits-all book or create one-size-fits-all programs* because I know you are unique. It would be wrong of me to assume I know what you want and to deliver solutions to fit my version of what you want. That’s not empowering for you.

My promise to you is, in everything I do, I will help you get super clear about what you want so you can achieve success in your music career, on your terms.

I can help you remove the blocks that come up on your journey. I can help you succeed by giving you tools to draw out your strengths. I can be your sounding board and keep you accountable.

‘Get your music out there in a big way’ is unique to you. You make it yours. It’s your music. Your career. Your success.

My goal is to empower you. I look forward to helping you achieve all the success you want in your music career.

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Your music career success coach & author of The Fan Formula

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