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Hi! I’d like you to know a bit more about me so here goes


I’ve been involved in music for over 20 years. I know lots of musicians and music biz people in the UK and the States. That’s because I love music but also because my partner is a professional musician. He’s been involved with publishers, labels, promoters and the whole music biz thing for many years.  What I see is a constant struggle with the same issues. All musicians love making music but the rest of what needs to be done becomes a drag. We were in Austin Texas at SXSW in 2011 checking out the bands when I had a ‘light bulb’ moment. The gig was half full, the music was great but the band didn’t do a good job of ‘selling themselves’ and making it easy for me to stay in touch; in short I wanted to become a fan but they were making it difficult for me. I see this so often and I really feel for you. You put in such a lot of effort for sometimes very little in return. You deserve more!

That got me thinking. I have got so many skills I can use to help musicians. If I could find a way of developing a simple step-by-step approach to fan-focused marketing for musicians, without all the jargon, it would help get your music out there in a much bigger way and help you be a lot more successful as a result. So I created a programme for musicians that took them through 7 simple steps to grow and keep their fan base. Then came another great light-bulb moment when I developed a ‘formula‘ for working out how many fans you need for a successful project or career. [Click here to try it out] I started working with musicians to try out these methods. They got such great results I decided to turn the programme into a book: The Fan Formula, so I could help many more musicians.

Since then what’s been emerging is a ‘fan formula’ way of doing things that helps artists create the success they want. I’m constantly developing new tools to help musicians have sustainable music careers. Sign up on the right to be the first to hear what’s new.

So what do I bring to the table.

I am a qualified personal performance coach and I’ve been running my own business for many years. To compliment The Fan Formula, I work privately with the most ambitious musicians. I help them develop marketing skills by getting them to recognise their uniqueness, and who their own niche audience is. Then we work out how to connect with their fans in large numbers using modern tools so they can easily grow their fan base AND have more time for doing what they love – making music. To find out more about working with me as a private access client, get in touch here.

I also know a ton about IT. I’ve had a professional career in IT spanning many years. I have taught IT, developed apps and I’ve designed and built websites. This knowledge is invaluable these days because of the number of platforms you need to use to get your business (and music) out there. I’m very good at explaining difficult technical issues to non-techy people and helping you make the right choices. I’ve managed teams and facilitated group work, something I really enjoy doing with musicians, either bands or solo acts, and like you I love being creative. I believe in being authentic and being empowered. We all have unique abilities and we can make so much more of our lives if we share our abilities in a big way.

So I guess I would describe myself as a music fan on a mission – a mission to greatly increase your chances of success by ‘thinking fan’ and, as an added (big) bonus, create happy music fans.

Here are some of the questions I’m often asked

How different is The Fan Formula from other music career services?

No matter what goes on in the music industry (and it’s changed a heck of a lot over the last few years), there’s always one constant – the artist and the fan. Without that relationship you don’t have a music career. The fan is at the heart of The Fan Formula.

The Fan Formula is unique. It looks at your music career from a unique viewpoint – how to easily attract fans – pulling fans in with ease instead of pushing all the time. The Fan Formula takes you through a set of structured, practical steps focused on your uniqueness. Each step builds on the previous one focusing on your own goals. You learn marketing techniques, without all the jargon. You find your own unique, niche audience and develop a long lasting relationship with them.

Who is The Fan Formula for?

The Fan Formula is for solo artists and band-leaders in any genre. It is for seasoned musicians, musicians re-starting their career or if you are just starting out.

The Fan Formula works best for musicians who are frustrated with their progress, are willing to learn, be challenged and take action. After all – if you always do what you’ve done before you will always get the same results.

The Fan Formula is also for artist managers who use the steps as a framework for working with their acts.

What type of musician does The Fan Formula NOT work for?

Musicians who are complacent and not willing to put in some effort for the rewards that are waiting for them down the line. People who are closed-minded. Very big egos. People who give up too easily. And bands that really cannot work well together – as a team.

What results can I expect?

The obvious answer is more fans than you have now. But what does having more fans mean to you? More fans will help you get your music out there in a big way, put you on a path to greater success and will increase your income – as long as you give your fans something compelling to buy!

You will also have more time to spend on your music because you will develop a plan for easily growing and keeping your fan base.

How quickly can I expect results?

That does depend on how much you put into The Fan Formula. There’s a lot to think about. You will get results as soon as you take action however it’s not a ‘quick fix’. You need to keep working at growing your fan base regularly. The Fan Formula will teach you how. Finding fans will become natural and repeatable and less of an energy-sapping activity than it is now so you can spend more time on your music.

So maybe the question is how long will it take me to grow my fan base without The Fan Formula?

What if I have more questions?

No problem! Add your question to the FAQ blog page. You can also contact me and we will set up a short session to answer your questions and see if I can help.

I’m looking forward to helping you achieve what you want in your music career,

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