Use video forget audio – are you crazy!

Forget audio – are you crazy what is music without audio??? 

This about priorities. Sure audio is always going to be important but if you want to reach your audience as fast as possible is it the best place to start?  

Today Youtube is the number one site for music discovery. It is available in every country and reaches a worldwide community of over 500 million people. Sure the advertising payments are small but the value to an artist is not just the payments. Here is a gold plated opportunity to reach your global audience.

So lets say you have one great song and a number of less stunning songs. What could you do? The options right now are make a very creative unique and viral-worthy video that your audience would dig, OR make an audio album. An album with at least 10 tracks which may take months. What comes first? Video video video.  Remember you need ONE great song and your made, so invest in the front runner before expending your time and money on an album. The album can come later. The pathway to your audience is to create great songs AND great video. And while your getting your Youtube channel set up check out multi-channel operators. They can offer marketing of a bigger offer to their communities and management of advertising revenues. You could be part of that. Remember this a partnership decision – the same as finding the right drummer or guitarist. Work out if it fits your direction, style and values. If so consider signing up. 

Formula for Youtube success:  A great song + A viral video + Great marketing partnership.

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