• Do you love what you do but have not mastered that ‘marketing thing’ yet to get your music out there in a big way?
  • Do you often feel you have to push your music too hard?
  • Do you wish you could find easier ways to grow and keep your fan base?
  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of advice out there and can’t decide what to do next?

You probably feel like you do a large amount of work for very little recognition. Creating and playing music are what you love but they get swamped by just having to keep up with everything else. And if you don’t keep up how will you be successful? You’re a musician, not a business or internet guru!

The internet has turned the music industry upside down. It’s easy to put your music on the web but it’s more difficult to be heard because there’s so much music out there. Power is shifting from the traditional record labels to the consumers of music so being savvy about your fans AND how to pull them in easily, gives you an edge over other acts.

“The Fan Formula approach to success in the music business is unique. Instead of endlessly chasing fashions and recording contracts it helps you focus on the key task of building an audience. With the access to fans provided by the internet today, this really helps musicians succeed.” Jason

Stop struggling on your own and use The Fan Formula to attract a large loyal fan base, sell more music AND save yourself tons of time!

“Whether you’re a seasoned musician, re-starting your career or just starting out, The Fan Formula looks at your success from a unique viewpoint – how to easily attract fans.”

Get the book now, a practical, step-by-step guide to growing and keeping a large loyal fan base so you can get more fans and sell more music.

“Your book is a god send to every one of us. Well I think that every musician in this country will need this one. You are doing a great job in helping us and believing in us.”

Use ‘the formula’ to find out how many fans you need for success in your career or up-coming project.

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I wish you all the success you want in your music career.

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PS Still undecided? Here’s what François says about The Fan Formula –

The Diablos“When you’re in a band you learn two things pretty quick: there’s no such thing as magic and very few things in life are guaranteed!   The Fan Formula is a rare exception. It’s a stone cold certainty because the guaranteed part comes from you.   Follow the Steps and put in the necessary work and you cannot fail to increase your fan base.   You will be a better artist and you will get many more of the fans you deserve. Magic!”

François DeVille, The Diablos – Who says country can’t rock?